January already

I feel like I’m always trying to catch up.  If I take some time off my regular schedule to do something different, then I have to catch up with what I didn’t get done.  When I look back over my past blogs, I see this theme coming up over and over . . . how fast time is passing by.  Maybe this is a product of being a shop owner, maybe it’s a result of poor organization, maybe it’s just a part of life.

Maybe a bit of all-of-the-above.

Being a shop owner/manager means often planning MONTHS ahead of time for bringing in new product on time for the season you want to have it for your customers to purchase when they want it.  We already have had people ask ‘. . . when will you be putting out your spring things?’  And we haven’t even had any snow yet!

I never did say I was a great organizer.  I’ve learned to compensate over the years to keep better track of things that I’ve done, things I want to do, things I don’t want to lose.  It’s what you have to do to keep life moving along smoothly.  But I still find myself spending time on looking for papers missing, remembering notes not recorded, finding orders misfiled and computer downloads mis-saved.  And somehow I’ve convinced myself that my memory is still in tip-top shape.

‘Days just go by too fast’. Time ‘flys by’. Are we busier than ever?  Does it seem like minutes are disappearing from the clock?   Do you get excited because daylight hours grow by the minutes each day this time of year?

All this to say, I just realized it has been months since I last posted here and wanted to let you know that we are still around — and despite moving our shop this year, cutting back on our regular hours and being closed on Sundays this month — you all have kept us busy!

I hope I can better keep you informed about what’s going on at our shop in Hanover.  Right now, our remaining snowmen and glittery trees will stay on the shelves while we inventory what we have in stock and start checking in the things we need to restock with – springy things folks are already looking for.  We have a # 13th anniversary coming up in February – our ‘lucky’ 13th?  Watch here and on Facebook for any special plans for that.  Winter is just getting started here in this part of Pennsylvania.  If we ever do get any wintery weather, you may want to give us a call to see if we are open before you venture in. Signing off with some of our snowmen who are happy to finally see some colder weather!

Shoppe Window


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We’ve been sharing about our move, packing up and moving a mile or so down the road, that we made back in the summer.  And how we’ve been settling into our new space.  And how our long-time and new customers really like this new space of ours.  We decided that a new space needs some new sparkle, new delights, new old stuff and new new stuff. Take a tour of some new arrivals . . .

First, we found these great acrylic capes in different color patterns that are soft, warm and beautiful. Perfect for the cooler weather when a winter coat is too much, but a wrap is just perfect!  Fashion being as it is . . . what we have remaining is what we will have till they’re gone, and we’ve already sold half of what we started with!

CIMG3769 CIMG3768

These upcycled canvas bags are gaining in popularity . . . we’ve gotten a nice collection of different sizes, styles and colors to choose from.  Just arrived this week and already finding homes.  We brought in some market bags, which are conveniently lined to make them great to use for groceries, toting crafting items and more.

CIMG3770 CIMG3759

We’ve been looking forward to having hand-crafted items from Women At Risk, International. From the W.A.R Chest Boutique, we picked a great assortment of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, and hand blown glass ornaments from all over the world.  You need to check these out in person, close up!  We see lots of Christmas gifts here!

CIMG3764 CIMG3761 CIMG3760To add to our collection of great Door County Coffees, we are carrying ground coffee and loose teas from Fresh Roasted Coffee right here in Pennsylvania.  Response has been great, and customers have been excited about the flavored loose teas (in 4 oz. sealed packages) we have in stock.  Starting to get some feedback from customers . . . .’we like it’!

CIMG3772 CIMG3774

While we have new products coming in – we still have lots of favorites that keep coming back onto our shelves! Stop in for a visit, or give us a call.  We can ship most items right to you!  Take a wider look thru the shop:

CIMG3744 CIMG3742

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We’ve been open in our new location since August 15 and it’s beginning to feel like home. We like that there are windows to let in some natural light and let us know what it is like outside.  We like the bit more room that we have to better fit in our displays.  We like the little nooks and spaces we’ve designated for different product.  We like that we’ve been able to decorate for fall – a favorite season around here.  And we like that you like all that, too!

So many of you have stopped in to shop and let us know how much you like our new space. We appreciate that.  You’ve told us that you’ve been sharing our move with your friends and neighbors, family and coworkers and on your Facebook page.  We appreciate that.  You tell us how much you enjoy coming in to shop for just the right gift, or curtains, or candle scent, or rugs. And we do appreciate that.

Our Annual Fall Open House has become a way to show our appreciation to all of you who can, to come and be a guest in our home for a short amount of time out of your day.  If you haven’t been in our new space yet, we are hoping you will come by so we can show you around.  We will have some goodies to snack on, door prizes to give away, gifts with purchase, new product to show off and much more.  If you are part of our Rewards program, you’ll get extra points with your purchase!

We encourage everyone who comes to bring along nonperishable foods to donate locally for $5.00 off your total purchase.  New this year — bring single-serve size foods that will be donated locally to Ruth’s Harvest supporting eligible elementary school age children with meals each weekend.  Other canned and packaged foods as well as paper products will be donated to New Hope Ministries Food Bank. When you bring a bagful of items, you will receive a coupon good for a future visit in our shop!

Stop by during these special hours:  September 10 – 13, 2015   Thurs & Fri  9:30am – 8:00pm  Sat. 9:30am – 6:00pm   Sun. 12:00 – 4:00pm

Here’s a few photos of the shop, a sneak peek at what you may see when you come!

0813151903a_resized 0813151905_resized 0818151011_resized 0818151013_resized 0818151013b_resized 0818151013d_resized

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Finishing up the BIG move

The last two weeks have been pretty busy packing boxes, moving boxes, unpacking boxes, and repacking with new goodies. We’ve been filling cardboard cartons of all sizes, wooden crates we use for displays, and even laundry baskets to move things just 4 traffic lights down the street. We’ve moved most of the furniture we use for displays with the help of family and good friends with strong backs. I don’t have a recent ‘before’ photo of the shop but here are two taken today.

 Screenshot (39) Screenshot (40)

Our mall shop will continue to be open for the next week, until we are fully open in our new space.  Many things that we will not be bringing with us are on sale at super low prices. Starting Monday, all sales here will be cash only with no returns.

Signs for the new shop were installed on Friday.  They look really good!

Screenshot (36)   Screenshot (37)

Screenshot (35)

We hope to open Saturday August 15 at noon.  We’ll post some photos of the new shop later this week.  Looking for fall decor, garden flags, prints — we will have them ready to go home with you!

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The BIG move continues . . .

It’s been about a month since we began renovating our new shop space.  In that time, walls were removed, doors and interior windows were removed, electric outlets and switches were moved, drywall was hung and plastered.  And now, the cleanup has begun.  Front windows and doors have been scrubbed and squeegeed – then we had to show off the shiny clean windows by putting in two American flag buntings.


Many of our customers have driven by the new space to check-it-out and are excited that it is convenient and so accessible.  They all give it a thumbs up.

While we are working on the inside – painting, rebuilding displays and getting furniture and merchandise moved over from our current store, signage is being created for the outside and should be in place soon.

We’ve been sharing this preview of our new sign on our Facebook page and in the store:

Screenshot (16)

What you will be seeing outside when it is completed:

Screenshot (21)

This will make it so easy to find us in our new space!

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a BIG move

After being in the same location for many years . . . we’ve decided to move. We didn’t just decide this overnight or even over a couple months.   During the last couple years, we’ve casually looked at different places to see if our shop would ‘fit’ the space (or if the space would ‘fit’ our shop).  In the last 3 months, after a middle-of-the-night random thought, we looked into this particular space that we had not even considered previously.  Turns out, that thought might not have been so random . . . the space fits our shop, and the shop will fit into the space which is brighter, bigger and very convenient to get to.

This has been our home for the last 12+ years . . .


That ‘random’ thought brought us to this place . . .


If you live in the area, you may remember this building from years ago as a bank branch office.  Inside, there are (were) walls, doors and windows.  But without all those, this would be a great space for our displays of curtains, rugs, candles, framed prints, flags, other home decor and gift items that we carry.  There would be a much larger work space where we could do our jobs without tripping over each other and even expand our services in the future.  And there would be a large storage space where we could keep things organized and at hand.

So, after revisiting the space several times, lots of prayer and some confirmation that this would be good for us and our great customers . . . we’ve decided to move.  It’s going to be a BIG move.  First, there are all those walls, doors and windows.

CIMG3525 CIMG3526

To be a proper shop with space for display, they all have to disappear . . .

CIMG3609 CIMG3608

Which leaves stacks of doors, glass and lumber to repurpose and recycle . . . we’ve got a plan in mind.


This new space is just 4 traffic lights closer to downtown Hanover on Carlisle Street.  The plan is to work over the next couple of weeks to clean up, paint, build and make the BIG move so we can open in this new location in early August.  We’ve received lots of encouragement and support from our current customers who seem to be as excited as we are!  When we open here in August, we will be preparing for our annual Fall Open House in early September!  Along the way, we’ll post some more photos as changes happen, signs get put up, walls get painted and displays are set in place.  Thanks for hanging in there with us!


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Ending May . . . already?

May has been another busy month for all of us. After Mothers’ Day, we start the countdown to the end of school, graduations, weddings, Memorial Day, Fathers’ Day, the start of summer and vacations.  Add birthdays and other important family events, and we end up with a full calendar of upcoming events to attend to.  Here’s a peek at some of our spring celebration gift ideas:

CIMG3579 CIMG3583 CIMG3586 CIMG3594CIMG3597

One of the places many people in our area like to visit for celebrations, outdoor activities and just plain sitting back and relaxing is Codorus State Park.  One of the highlights earlier this spring related to the park has been viewing the eagle nest across Lake Marburg from the marina and the osprey nest closer by.  Once the leaves came out on the trees, the eagle nest site is pretty well hidden behind them.  An eagle or osprey sighting is still anticipated by many visitors to this viewing area.

Many of us have had a warm, front row seat to watch our resident eagles since earlier this year with a camera located in the nest. We watched the eggs appear in February, mom protecting the eggs with her body and wings while inches of snow piled up on top of her, hatching of the tiny bobbleheads and their transformation into juvenile eaglets preparing to fly from the nest sometime in June, all under the watchful eyes of both their eagle parents.  This incredible opportunity was made possible by a large group of people and can be followed by you here:


We have found this new activity of eavesdropping on wildlife families has become quite a hobby for many families, classrooms and groups all around the world.  Do you have a wildlife cam you’ve been watching this year?

**PS  In the last week or so (earlier in June) several things have happened.  Apparently, one of the eaglets was ‘branching’ and landed on the nest cam.  In a matter of minutes, the camera changed position so that we can only view a small portion of the nest, and once in awhile some feathers or a ‘foot’.  The eaglets were expected to fledge the end of June or early July, and they have been preparing for that.

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