Spring – really?

Sorry it’s been a while since we have posted here on this blog.  We’ve been trying to keep up-to-date on our shop’s Facebook page . . . and all this ‘social networking’ has become very time consuming.  Add this to our customer contacts that we’ve been doing for years (our birthday club and rewards program) – it’s turned into a full time job!

We did want to let you all know that while the winter storms rolled thru and the spring winds and snow showers have blown thru, we celebrated eleven years in business here in the North Hanover Mall!  And many of our regular customers came by to celebrate with us this past weekend.  We had delicious cake (from the local Giant grocery) and Door County Coffee as well as some other munchies.


When we look at the calendar, we know it is spring – and the forecast over the next couple days shows a warming trend.  For most of us in this area, 60 degrees would be heavenly compared to the cold we have been having!  But it is spring, with Easter only a few weeks away and we have tried to make if feel warm and springy inside here at the shop.



Yep, spring – really.  Gotta love it!

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Freezin’ Season

We’ve written before about how busy the month of January is in the shop.  This year we started out by delivering your donations to the Red Cross and New Hope Ministries.  Donations totaled $828 thanks to all of you who stopped by and purchased ornaments for a donation of $2.00 (or more).  A Bit of Country added to that amount so we could give $500 to each of those organizations.  What a great group of customers we have!!

January is also inventory month – and that was taken care of early on.  This year we did not move whole areas of the shop around like we did last year – but we cleaned, had clearance sales and recently packed up our winter merchandise and began restocking with new product.


Daylight lasts a bit longer each day – and even though our weather has been blustery cold – the sunshine (when we see it) is warmer.  Our store displays are in transition.  It’s still winter, so we will have some wintery things out for a while longer.  The snowman family is photobombing this Valentine display!


Our Christmas trees have been transformed into Valentine trees.


And even the bears have a Valentine message to deliver.



Stop by the shop or visit here to see all the new product showing up.  It’s warm and cozy inside, a great distraction from the snowy weather outside!

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Christmas Greetings 2013

Christmas is two days away.  You have been keeping us very busy at the store this last month, and we’re looking at lots of empty spots on the walls and shelves.  We want to report that your ornament donations (from the last post) today comes to $800+ :)  Great job!  We knew that our customers are generous, and it shows!  There are still some ornaments on the display, and we will continue to accept donations thru the end of December.  It would be great to surpass $1,000!  Donations will be divided between the Hanover Red Cross and New Hope Ministries.  We close early tomorrow – Christmas Eve – but open at 7:00 Thursday morning!

Merry Christmas!


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Share the JOY

For several years at Christmas time, we’ve offered a variety of ornaments to our customers for a cash donation that we passed on to our local Red Cross.  This year, we have a tree display with lots of ornaments that are available with a donation that we will divide between our Red Cross and New Hope Ministries which has a food bank in the basement of the Red Cross building here in town.  100% of your donation will go to these two organizations before the end of December.  At this point, you have donated a total of $198.  We hope to multiply that amount in the next two weeks.  Stop by and pick out several ornaments – for a great cause!




like us at facebook.com/abitofcountrygiftshoppe

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Back in stock . . .

We have a few MERRY CHRISTMAS (lighted) Radiance canvas prints that came in this week.  This is our third order of this particular print, and sadly we were not able to get as many as we wanted.  Some of you who asked to be called upon delivery have been called, and we have just a few more to put out for sale.  Stop in soon if you want one!


Christmas music from GreenHill Productions has arrived.  We will be playing it in the store beginning Black Friday, but we have it for sale now.  Celtic and Irish music; Smokey Mountain; Gaither Vocal Band; Oak Ridge Boys; BlueGrass and more music is available now!

Door County Coffees and Cocoas have just been restocked, including Jingle Bell Java (our best seller) and much more!

We will again decorate one of our trees with an assortment of ornaments that can be bought for a donation that we will make to the Red Cross (and maybe another local organization).  The tree will be decorated by Black Friday for your donation purchases!  More info on that to come.

Candles and melts from Cheerful Giver, Swan Creek, Goose Creek, 1803, McCalls are here, with more to come!

Like us on Facebook (ABitOfCountryGiftShoppe) and keep up with other new happenings, including our Holiday store hours!

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Holiday decorating . . .

This past weekend, we participated in a Holiday Open House at a nearby model home.  We had a great time decorating with a few things from the store on Saturday, then hanging out with other participating vendors on Sunday afternoon.  We loved the house and the country setting, and though the party is over, the house is still available to tour.  If you’re in the area – stop by and take a look!

Some photos from the day:


We decorated the windows with Tobacco Cloth prarie curtains, valances and a swag along with wreaths, and battery operated candles in tin holders with matching candle rings.




Plain greenery and added picks that match the wreaths look great on the fireplace mantle.  A santa, another candle holder, stockings topped off with a beautiful glittered print finish the look.


A close up look at the mantle greenery:


We added an 8 foot alpine tree with lots of lights, a beautiful quilted throw on the couch and a battery operated lighted canvas above the couch.  A great way to use wreaths – place them around the bottom of table lamps!



We can help you with these looks – stop in.

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We get deliveries of our Christmas and winter gifts and decor all summer long.  Open boxes, ooh and ahh, check each piece carefully, pack it away until November!  Then in November we open boxes and all over again we ooh and ahh over each piece before we carefully put it in the best place for you to see.  Often, we’ve forgotten just how cute this stuff is!

Just to share a few photos with you . . .

Snowmen tree huggers . . . . oooh


aahhhh . . .


Really cute ornaments . . . ooooh


aaahhhhh . . . .


and always, Dottie’s Snowmen . . . ooooh


aaaaahhhh . . . .


You could probably hear all the ooohh’s and aaahhh’s up thru the mall!


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