Pops of Spring

Things are finally warming up here in southern Pennsylvania!  Crocus have finished blooming and forsythia, squills, hyacinths and daffodils are stepping up to show off their colors.  I can almost see the bleeding heart in my garden getting taller by the minute.  If you’ve ever grown these – you know what I mean.  Inside here at the shop we have some beautiful flower bouquets that can be used in vases or arranged any number of ways.  Take a peek:


CIMG3497 CIMG3457

We also have a new shipment of garden flags, standard size flags and outdoor mats from our favorite flag supplier.  Come in to pick out the ones you like while we still have a nice selection.

CIMG3543 CIMG3542 CIMG3541 CIMG3544

If you’re seeing this at a distance, we can ship items to you.  Just give us a call so we can get the details!

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Over on our Facebook page, we are highlighting some of our favorite products we sell in the shop.  Everyone who works here has their own favs — and the first two that we’ve posted are 1803 CANDLES and CAMILLE BECKMAN hand, body and bath products.  Both of these brands are a success in our shop – so we know you like them too!

1803 CANDLES® is Vicki’s favorite — no wonder why.  These soy candles and wax melts have great fragrance blends that reach out to everyone who loves scented candles.  With names like Grandma’s Kitchen, Roasted Expresso, Old Dough Bowl (say that fast 5 times!), Shoo Fly Pie and lots more, there is definitely a scent for every nose!



Check our their blog at http://1803candles.com/blog/

Rochelle’s fav pick is Camille Beckman and we carry a nice variety of their product in our best selling fragrances.  Our top seller is the Glycerine Hand Therapy — this is not just your everyday hand lotion!  Winter weather takes its toll on our skin – and the hand therapy really helps to keep hands soft, smooth and healthy.  In the summer when you work outside in the garden, you will use their intense hand therapy – Shield and Restore, to protect and ‘restore’ your hands to a soft pre-workout condition.  Here’s a few photos from the shop:

CIMG3518 CIMG3152 CIMG2726

Learn some interesting facts about this company from their website:  https://camillebeckman.com/

You can stop in for a free sample of Glycerine Hand Therapy just for the asking.  If you already absolutely love Camille Beckman products check with us before ordering online!

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Happy Spring!

Much has happened here in the shop the last couple months.  We have been posting regularly on our Facebook page, and you can check in there to catch up with all the goings on.

We had a great Holiday season here in the mall . . . the best since Penny’s moved to a bigger space at the other end from where we are.  Burlington opened in that vacated spot early last spring, and the number of shoppers in our corridor has greatly increased.  It has been wonderful to see so much activity down here by our shop!  It is even better when new customers stop in here for the first time with the promise to come back often!

We have did have a really big selection of spring goodies.  After a big snowstorm earlier this month – florals, bunnies, spring wreaths, garden flags and more has disappeared off our shelves!  Everyone is pushing for warmer, sunnier spring weather!  We’ve been able to replace some of what left here to go to wonderful homes, so the store is not totally empty!


CIMG3496Our little shop has been pretty busy – but we love to see everyone and catch up on how things are going!  Stop by soon to visit.

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Battery Operated Candles

Battery Operated Candles — everybody loves ’em.  In our almost 12 years in business, we’ve watched the evolution of BOCs.  We first carried small, white, plastic, flickering LED ‘flame’, tealight size BOCs that used a flat disk shaped battery and came 50 pieces in a display box.  We tentatively purchased one box and extra batteries, thinking it was a great idea, but not sure anyone else would think the same.  We turned one on and sat it on the counter and sold out in about a week – with many customers buying 4 or five and more at a time!

Within a couple months, one of our vendors made available small, wax covered tealights and tapers in a very country/primitive look that our customers loved.  The tapers needed only 1 or 2 AA batteries and were a really big hit.  They still are, but the next step was putting a timer right into those little BOCs so they turn themselves off and on — and that made them an even bigger hit!

Currently, many different companies produce many different kinds of BOCs – most are wax covered to resemble (as close as possible) a real candle —  some are made of resin and can be used outdoors with some water resistance — some are manufactured right in the candle holder and even lanterns, all as one piece.

One of the latest versions is the BOC with a moving flame.  From across a room or even closer, it appears that you are looking at a real candle burning, complete with a flickering flame.  It probably won’t be long before even these are improved on!  In fact, two of our candle vendors have begun adding on layers of candle wax to give these flickering flame pillar candles a more country/primitive look!

Take a look at these videos of our newest BOCs displayed in the shop – made of wax, needing 2 AA batteries (120 hour operating time), 5 hour timer option, 5″, 7″ 9″ pillars and 7″, 9″ tapers!!  A tiny LED shines on the ‘flame’ and makes it dance and flicker as a real flame would.


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New Arrivals

Later this week, we are expecting our next shipment of new lighted canvas prints.  Over the next weeks and months we will be receiving new lighted canvas prints as they are available to ship.  Stay in touch here, or on our Facebook page to see up-to-date info on our new arrivals!  Check these three out right now . . .


We also now have beautiful made-in-Pennsylvania dried wreaths made of Pepper Grass, Dock and Penny Cress.  Bunches of each of the dried materials are available for under $10.00 a bunch!  These are great for your country and primitive home decorating!



New product – rugs, curtains, gifts, word blocks and more coming in each week!

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Foodie Creations

It’s summertime, and we all enjoy picnics and other get togethers this time of year.  We have a selection of dip mixes from Country Home Creations including this great tasting, always popular Caramelized Onion & Garlic Mix.

Caramelized Onion and Garlic

Each package, with various recipes, uses simple, often on-hand  ingredients to make delicious additions to your meal, appetizer or snack.  Jalepeno Pepper Dip Mix is a good example with recipes for Jalepeno Corn Bread, Jalepeno Corn Dip and Jalepeno Chip Dip and Taco Topper. “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?” Your taste buds will go crazy if you crave “hot stuff.” This dip is great on tortilla chips, crackers and vegetables. This product contains No MSG, No Added Sugar, No Wheat or Gluten.

Jalapeno Pepper Dip Mixhttp://www.countryhomecreations.com/recipes_discription/jalapenocorndip.pdf

You can even alter the recipe a bit to suit what you need.  With the Almond Poppy Seed Dip Mix, we used vanilla flavored Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and blended with soften cream cheese and the mix.  This makes a great topping to use with fresh summertime fruit.  Yummy!


We have many more mixes in the shop, both savory and sweet, that will make gourmet-like additions to your meals!  Check in with us for more information!


































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Mothers’ Day – don’t forget

This is such a busy time of year – with some spring holidays already passed – and the very important Mothers’ Day and Graduations coming quickly.  Lawns are getting mowed for the first time this spring and folks are trying to get gardens cleaned up for the new growing season.

Many of us are checking our shrubs and perennials to see if they even made it thru the harsh winter and taking those night time frost warnings seriously!  The weeds are sprouting up in the vegetable garden, but the few seeds planted are waiting for the ground to warm up, even in the full mid-day sun, before venturing out of the ground.  It is encouraging to see forsythia, redbuds and flowering pears and the tulips and daffodils blooming. Spring is an amazing time of year!

For those of you looking for a gift for Mom or the significant women in your life, we have a nice assortment of gifts available.   Sentimental signs, framed prints, wax warmers and wax melts in lots of great scents.  We do have something for everyone.  You can check out our facebook page to see more photos of the store!  CIMG3178CIMG3175 CIMG3179 CIMG3173CIMG3181 CIMG3174CIMG3182CIMG3183



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