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Hello May!

Most folks we talk with have a hard time with the fact that we’ve already finished the first 4 months of this year 2013.  When you work in retail, the time goes especially fast, mostly because you are always thinking ahead — up to six months or more.  It is a constant balance for us to look for new product that you all will love (like our lighted stretched canvas prints that we have trouble keeping in stock!); buying just the right amount of that product – not too much but not too little; and keeping everyone’s favorite items in stock.

For example, we sell lots of curtains and braided jute rugs from several companies and it is nearly impossible to keep all the different styles and sizes in-store at all times.  We restock almost weekly for our most popular items, but we also accept many special orders.  Fortunately, most of the time, we can order curtains and rugs from our suppliers and have those items within a short amount of time.  We can also ship, or drop ship curtains, rugs, quilted bedding and other soft items if you don’t live nearby.

CIMG2708 CIMG2709 CIMG2710 CIMG2711 CIMG2707

Our newest new-for-us product comes from Camille Beckman.  We’ve handled their card inserts for quite some time – a bit of lotion in a foil packet inside a small folder that easily slips into a card.  It makes that card you are mailing just a little more special.  After a bit of research and reading lots of customer reviews, we decided that our customers would really enjoy Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy.  We recently brought in 3 of the company’s most popular fragrances (Camille, French Vanilla, Tuscan Honey) in a variety of items.  In addition, we still have the card inserts and purse size Hand Therapy fragrances.  If you want to check out the huge variety of items and fragrances the company has developed, look here.                                                                                CIMG2712

Mothers’ Day is coming quickly and we are stocked up on many gifts all those women in your life will love . . . music boxes, Willow Tree, gourmet coffees, embroidered lace, candles, wax melts and wax melters, nightlights, battery operated candles and lanterns, soaps & lotions, gift certificates and lots more.  We can help you make up a gift bag or basket with several goodies.

CIMG2719 CIMG2717 CIMG2715 CIMG2714 CIMG2713

Have you joined our rewards program and birthday club?  Every day, people are benefitting from signing up. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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Only a couple days late with this New Year’s wish! 

Many folks may think that January brings alot of downtime when you have a small retail store.  Let me tell you that this is not so!  We might take a couple days after Christmas to recover from all the hustle and bustle of the previous weeks, and this year we had to take time to recover from whatever illness everyone seemed to be passing around.   But, the after-Christmas clearance time brings a different kind of busyness to our store.

Besides helping customers, we also use this time to reorganize and thoroughly clean everything front to back and top to bottom.  And, of course – there’s the inevitable inventory – probably our least favorite activity of the year . . . but it has to be done.  This really is the best time of the year to count product — because much of it has left the store!  Looking around at remaining inventory shows many empty spots . . . framed prints (many gone) . . . lighted stretched canvas prints (a couple left) . . . Lang, Legacy and Crossroads wall calendars (at last look – 3 left if you still need one) . . . boxed Legacy Christmas cards (very few boxes left – still on sale) . . . Willow Tree, Blossom Bucket, curtains and rugs (gone, gone, gone).

This year, besides doing all the above (and more), we’ve decided to move complete areas around – the first we’ve done this in several years.  What were we thinking?  We all know that you can’t move just one thing – even at home – you decide to move the TV and the recliner has to move, too. The floor lamp has to go next to the couch which no longer can stay along that wall . . . you know the routine.  Next thing – you’re buying new curtains to go with the new rug to go with the new coffee table!  It just never ends!

For those of you familiar with our store, you will immediately see what we have done – Boyds Bears have temporarily moved out so we could move our curtains and textiles to the front of the store.  Cards and other paper product have moved slightly  to the back to give them their own not-so-crowded space.  And, in that same area, we have more room to show off the magnetic Embellish Your Story by Roeda collection that we have.

Maybe some photos will help

CIMG0114 CIMG0111 CIMG0105 CIMG0107 CIMG0106

It’s definitely a work-in-progress.  Those empty spots?  We’ll get them filled in just as soon as we can!  You’ll have to stop by and see what a difference it makes!

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Too much time has passed since we last posted on this site.  The snow and cold weather finally stopped and we’ve had more spring-like temps and rain.  We jumped from a late Easter to Mothers’ Day two weeks later.   In a gift shop, that covers alot of items in and out of the store in a short amount of time.  We don’t usually have  Easter and Mothers’ Day cards out at the same time . . .  this year we did! 

We’ve had many new items come and go in the last couple weeks.  Our lighted florals like these mini pink roses have been a big hit with everyone . . .


New Willow Tree® pieces are on our shelves ready for you to pick out a gift for Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters and others. 

 We are giving away a straw tote with accessories (umbrella, tote, watch charm and manicure set) for Mothers’ Day.  Check out the tote in our display window in the mall next to Verizon.  Sign up in the store thru Saturday, May 7.  

Our biggest project this spring was working on a commercial that is airing all this month on our local Comcast Hallmark Channel and Food Network.  If you are not able to see this on cable . . . hopefully you can view it right here!


That was alot of fun.  The morning Brad came to video the store, we were busy, and our customers enjoyed participating in our project!  Of course there is much more in our store — we just hit the highlights — 30 seconds is not much time! 

Give us some feedback on the commercial.  Have you seen it on TV?  If we decide to do it again, any suggestions? Post a  reply to share your thoughts.         

To multiply your joy, count your blessings.

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Catching up

#1    Several posts ago, back in November, I mentioned that we were going to have a tree with ornaments that could be bought with a donation to the Hanover Area Red Cross.  This was the second year that we decorated the tree with an assortment of ornaments offered for a $1.00 donation (several of you gave more).  You came through — again!  The tree was almost emptied of its ornaments and you donated a total of $294.00 !!!  We matched that donation to deliver a total of $600.00 to the Red Cross. 

It looks like we may be making this an annual event!

#2    Back in December, the great people at DEMDACO (Willow Tree®) had sent us several of Susan Lordi’s creation The Christmas Story to give away.   Everyone who stopped by thru the holiday season had the opportunity to register for the give-away.  The week before Christmas, we picked 4 names out of all of you who signed up, and the 4 winners were excited to receive such a special prize.

For those of you who have thought about purchasing The Christmas Story or maybe have never even seen this beautiful

sculpture of the Holy Family, you will now have an additional choice.  A smaller version of the same piece will be available later this year.  You can be sure we will have it on display as soon as it arrives!  Here is a photo of the original one we have in the store along with the Gentle Stable AnimalsThe Sanctuary, Susan Lordi’s interpretation of the creche, is not pictured.

We always try to have extra pieces of Willow Tree® Nativity and The Christmas Story in stock for your purchase.  When you are looking for a special gift throughout the year, pieces from these collections are a great choice!  

 #3   We’ve gotten our Save the Date postcard — for 2011 Daffodil Days!  This will be our 6th year participating in this event which features the Bear and a Bunch with a special American Cancer Society Boyds® Bear (Liv N. Hope) and a bunch of daffodils.  Starting now, we are taking names to reserve your Bear and a Bunch for delivery in March during Daffodil Days.  We also have information on Project Care and Gift of Hope to cheer someone in cancer treatment and we will have extra bunches of daffodils available in March for you.  Reserve your Bears and Daffodils before Valentine’s Day to be sure we will have one available for you.

If you have questions about this fundraiser, please give us a call.  Or contact the York Area Cancer Society.

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