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The BIG move continues . . .

It’s been about a month since we began renovating our new shop space.  In that time, walls were removed, doors and interior windows were removed, electric outlets and switches were moved, drywall was hung and plastered.  And now, the cleanup has begun.  Front windows and doors have been scrubbed and squeegeed – then we had to show off the shiny clean windows by putting in two American flag buntings.


Many of our customers have driven by the new space to check-it-out and are excited that it is convenient and so accessible.  They all give it a thumbs up.

While we are working on the inside – painting, rebuilding displays and getting furniture and merchandise moved over from our current store, signage is being created for the outside and should be in place soon.

We’ve been sharing this preview of our new sign on our Facebook page and in the store:

Screenshot (16)

What you will be seeing outside when it is completed:

Screenshot (21)

This will make it so easy to find us in our new space!

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