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Share the JOY

For several years at Christmas time, we’ve offered a variety of ornaments to our customers for a cash donation that we passed on to our local Red Cross.  This year, we have a tree display with lots of ornaments that are available with a donation that we will divide between our Red Cross and New Hope Ministries which has a food bank in the basement of the Red Cross building here in town.  100% of your donation will go to these two organizations before the end of December.  At this point, you have donated a total of $198.  We hope to multiply that amount in the next two weeks.  Stop by and pick out several ornaments – for a great cause!




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Back in stock . . .

We have a few MERRY CHRISTMAS (lighted) Radiance canvas prints that came in this week.  This is our third order of this particular print, and sadly we were not able to get as many as we wanted.  Some of you who asked to be called upon delivery have been called, and we have just a few more to put out for sale.  Stop in soon if you want one!


Christmas music from GreenHill Productions has arrived.  We will be playing it in the store beginning Black Friday, but we have it for sale now.  Celtic and Irish music; Smokey Mountain; Gaither Vocal Band; Oak Ridge Boys; BlueGrass and more music is available now!

Door County Coffees and Cocoas have just been restocked, including Jingle Bell Java (our best seller) and much more!

We will again decorate one of our trees with an assortment of ornaments that can be bought for a donation that we will make to the Red Cross (and maybe another local organization).  The tree will be decorated by Black Friday for your donation purchases!  More info on that to come.

Candles and melts from Cheerful Giver, Swan Creek, Goose Creek, 1803, McCalls are here, with more to come!

Like us on Facebook (ABitOfCountryGiftShoppe) and keep up with other new happenings, including our Holiday store hours!

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We get deliveries of our Christmas and winter gifts and decor all summer long.  Open boxes, ooh and ahh, check each piece carefully, pack it away until November!  Then in November we open boxes and all over again we ooh and ahh over each piece before we carefully put it in the best place for you to see.  Often, we’ve forgotten just how cute this stuff is!

Just to share a few photos with you . . .

Snowmen tree huggers . . . . oooh


aahhhh . . .


Really cute ornaments . . . ooooh


aaahhhhh . . . .


and always, Dottie’s Snowmen . . . ooooh


aaaaahhhh . . . .


You could probably hear all the ooohh’s and aaahhh’s up thru the mall!


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Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments – 2

Every year about this time, in planning for coming holidays, this recipe often comes up in conversations.  We are reposting this for any of you who did not see this project before.  Many of you have made these, and have some good advice about mixing, shaping, drying and decorating these ornaments.  You might not even use these as ornaments.  I have some great alternate uses included below.

First, the ingredients:   You will need equal amounts of cinnamon and applesauce.  Buy an inexpensive, large container of cinnamon and an unflavored store brand of applesauce.  You will also need 2-3 tablespoons of white glue.

The recipe I have calls for 3 cups each of applesauce and cinnamon.  This makes alot of ornaments.  You may want to start with 1 cup of each.  (In this batch, I am using mini cookie cutters, so I only used 1/2 cup of each).  Mix together and add the white glue (use less if you are using less of the other two ingredients).  Mix the dough until the mixture sticks together then knead until it stiffens enough to hold a shape when cut with a cookie cutter.  


Roll out to about 1/4 inch thick on a smooth surface. Use waxed paper or parchment to make clean-up easier.

Cut to desired shape then place on a  cookie sheet to dry.  If you are going to make hanging ornaments, make a hole with a straw before drying. 

Since I am using mini shapes, a straw hole is too big, but a toothpick works well to make a small hole.  

Ornaments will take 3 – 4 days to air dry completely depending on the size and thickness of the shapes.

When dry, this kid friendly project can be finished in many ways . . .

paint with craft acrylics or use puff paint to make raised designs

brush with white glue and sprinkle with glitter

or just leave them plain and primitive!

Besides ornaments . . . the shapes can be used as car air fresheners, gift tags, table place markers or strung together on ribbon or fabric strips as garland.  My gingerbread and heart shapes might get glued onto a wreath or candle ring.  The apple shapes in the photo were made years ago, and painted with acrylic craft paint.

Hint:  When the dough is first mixed, you could add a bit of nutmeg, ginger or allspice (I didn’t do this, someone suggested it).  And though the cinnamon scent seems to last forever . . . if it fades too soon for you, add a drop of cinnamon oil to the back of the dried ornament to refresh.

We have cookie cutters for sale — different shapes and sizes.  The mini-sized cutters (pumpkins, turkeys, hearts, stars, moose, gingerbread, bears) would make great ornaments for a small tree!

Share your own experiences with making cinnamon applesauce ornaments.  Tell us the creative ways you’ve decorated them and how you’ve used them.   Do you air dry them or slow bake them?  Let us know — give us some suggestions in the comments below.


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This year, we are doing our 12 Days of Christmas Sale a little differently.  We started on December 1 so we can end on December 12 with the biggest sale that we’ve ever had in our ten Christmases!  Today is our third day sale — 25% off ornaments [except for our local made Dottie’s Snowmen and Handmade by Cheryl] — only on sale today!  You can check here each day to see what will be on sale or give us a call or just check in when you are by the mall to see what is on sale that one day.  Some of the items to come (in no special order) are mugs, soaps and lotions, wall calendar frames, plush, jar candles, magnetic art, snowmen, dips and mixes. 

And then . . . the 12/12/12 twelfth day of our Christmas Sale!

Stay tuned in!

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We try to keep things up-to-date here, but really — we do a lot of ‘catching up’!  Over the last couple months we’ve been catching up with customers that we might see only a couple times a year.  Often, you are back in town over the November-December holidays and stop by to chat and ‘catch up’.  We always feel favored when long time friends come in to let us know what is going on these days . . . whether the news is good or not-so-good . . . the time shared always is good.

You’ve kept us busy this season of gift giving, and now is a time to catch up with important news we’ve not had time (or not taken time) to share.  This year was our third (maybe fourth – we can’t remember) year to decorate a tree with ornaments to be had for a $1.00 donation to our Area Red Cross.  This began as a way to ‘dispose’ of a collection of all sorts of ornaments – left overs from past years.  We place them on the tree with a note saying that any ornament on the tree is $1.00 and explain that the dollar is a donation.  Often you have bought 4 or 5 ornaments and told us to keep all of the $10 bill.  Sometimes you’ve shared that you have benefitted from help thru a Red Cross where you live . . . this makes it even more special to us that you all are so generous at this time of year!  When we took the final, lonely 7 ornaments off the tree last week and totaled the donations you have kindly given . . . we had $284.00 to give to the Hanover Red Cross.  And as has been our custom since we began this fundraiser, we matched that donation to send $568.00 to them.

As we are getting ready for inventory and packing away this years memories, we are looking over what we might be including on December 2012’s ‘dollar tree’ as it has fondly been called.   Whatever we pick, we are certain that you will be back to find the perfect ornament and support a great cause!

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ELEVENTH Day of Christmas

Wow!  Where has this month gone?  Today is the next-to-last day of our 12 Days of Christmas sale.  Today, Thursday, we are featuring the ornaments on one particular tree we have decorated.  You will find many different ornaments, but the same theme . . . natural/outdoors.  Take a look at the photos.  Ornaments are 40% off and if you buy 3 or more  — we’ll take 50% off each one!

You may recognize artwork by Marjolein Bastin on two of the ornaments.  If you love her nature scenes, you will love these mini-plate and watering can ornaments!


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