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Only a couple days late with this New Year’s wish! 

Many folks may think that January brings alot of downtime when you have a small retail store.  Let me tell you that this is not so!  We might take a couple days after Christmas to recover from all the hustle and bustle of the previous weeks, and this year we had to take time to recover from whatever illness everyone seemed to be passing around.   But, the after-Christmas clearance time brings a different kind of busyness to our store.

Besides helping customers, we also use this time to reorganize and thoroughly clean everything front to back and top to bottom.  And, of course – there’s the inevitable inventory – probably our least favorite activity of the year . . . but it has to be done.  This really is the best time of the year to count product — because much of it has left the store!  Looking around at remaining inventory shows many empty spots . . . framed prints (many gone) . . . lighted stretched canvas prints (a couple left) . . . Lang, Legacy and Crossroads wall calendars (at last look – 3 left if you still need one) . . . boxed Legacy Christmas cards (very few boxes left – still on sale) . . . Willow Tree, Blossom Bucket, curtains and rugs (gone, gone, gone).

This year, besides doing all the above (and more), we’ve decided to move complete areas around – the first we’ve done this in several years.  What were we thinking?  We all know that you can’t move just one thing – even at home – you decide to move the TV and the recliner has to move, too. The floor lamp has to go next to the couch which no longer can stay along that wall . . . you know the routine.  Next thing – you’re buying new curtains to go with the new rug to go with the new coffee table!  It just never ends!

For those of you familiar with our store, you will immediately see what we have done – Boyds Bears have temporarily moved out so we could move our curtains and textiles to the front of the store.  Cards and other paper product have moved slightly  to the back to give them their own not-so-crowded space.  And, in that same area, we have more room to show off the magnetic Embellish Your Story by Roeda collection that we have.

Maybe some photos will help

CIMG0114 CIMG0111 CIMG0105 CIMG0107 CIMG0106

It’s definitely a work-in-progress.  Those empty spots?  We’ll get them filled in just as soon as we can!  You’ll have to stop by and see what a difference it makes!


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Lighted Stretched Canvas Prints – WOW

About those lighted stretched canvas prints we mentioned in our last post  .  .  .  they are not hard to describe – the unframed stretched canvas prints have battery operated flickering LED lights.  That’s it.  Simple. 

But the effect is amazing, unique, beautiful, different – just some of the comments from our customers.  The prints have become a must-have for many of you, and we sold out of them almost immediately after our first shipment in August.  In fact, the company sold out of many of them with their first shipments in August.  But now, we have them back in stock and again, they are moving very quickly!

These photos will not give the full impact of seeing them lit in our store (or in your home).  But you will have an idea of what we are talking about.  While there are many more lighted  stretched canvas prints available, we chose to stock ones that fit our store – mostly artwork from Billy Jacobs.  We have a variety of sizes and prints right now – but they are again moving very quickly.  Come, check them out and you will understand why!

Now, just imagine that each of the candles, the window lights in the church and the Statue of Liberty’s torch are all flickering.  Told you.  You’ve got to stop by to see them!

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