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Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping has definitely begun!  Right now, we are in the middle of York County’s Best Kept Secrets Holiday Highlights Tour — featuring 17 shops —  17 gems that are scattered throughout the county.  Let us know if you are interested, we still have tickets!

Many folks are stopping in for the first time since we moved over a year ago.  Our new location is great and some who just happen to be in the area are checking us out and liking what they see.  Our local, faithful customers are also out shopping early for the best selections.  We appreciate everyone who comes in to shop ~~ for the first time and our 13 year supporters.

We are known for our home decor – curtains, braided rugs, framed prints, candles (both real and battery operated) and more.  But we also have a great selection of gifts starting at under $5.00.  And, right now we have lots of holiday goodies filling our shelves (and trees)!





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Holiday decorating . . .

This past weekend, we participated in a Holiday Open House at a nearby model home.  We had a great time decorating with a few things from the store on Saturday, then hanging out with other participating vendors on Sunday afternoon.  We loved the house and the country setting, and though the party is over, the house is still available to tour.  If you’re in the area – stop by and take a look!

Some photos from the day:


We decorated the windows with Tobacco Cloth prarie curtains, valances and a swag along with wreaths, and battery operated candles in tin holders with matching candle rings.




Plain greenery and added picks that match the wreaths look great on the fireplace mantle.  A santa, another candle holder, stockings topped off with a beautiful glittered print finish the look.


A close up look at the mantle greenery:


We added an 8 foot alpine tree with lots of lights, a beautiful quilted throw on the couch and a battery operated lighted canvas above the couch.  A great way to use wreaths – place them around the bottom of table lamps!



We can help you with these looks – stop in.

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Battery Operated Candles

Maybe the greatest invention since sliced bread . . . for those of us who love to decorate our homes with candles.  Years ago, Battery Operated Candles (BOCs) operated with a regular type of light bulb — and lasted just a few hours.  Remember leaving a flashlight on overnight and finding the batteries dead in the morning?  Now, the new BOCs use LED lights — often flickering — and last m u c h  l o n g e r.  In fact some of the candles that we have, use 2 AA batteries, and advertise they will last up to 700 hours.  That’s almost a whole month, if you leave them on 24/7 !

Really, any more there are almost as many choices with BOCs as there are real candles.  There are shorter 4″ tapers (just big enough to hold 1 AA battery) and taller ones that hold 3 – 4.  There are pillar type BOCs,  3″ – 6″ – 9″ and even taller that use C or D size batteries which last even longer than the AA types.  The first BOC that we ever carried was a white plastic tealight size and we sold hundreds of them!  We still sell lots of the tealight size wax coated BOCs.  When you choose a BOC with a timer, the candle will auto turn off after a preset time (usually 5, 6, 8 hours) then come back on next day at the same time you first turned it on.  The timer extends the life of the batteries.

Most of the BOCs of all styles and sizes are wax coated in different colors, some scented, some remotely controlled, some indoor/outdoor – giving us lots of choices to use in many different situations.  We even found scented battery operated jar candles – with timers!

In the next couple weeks, we will be getting an assortment of ‘grungy’, scented pillar type BOCs that you will love!  Don’t have photos of them – yet, but you will have to stop by to see them.  For now, you can check out the ones we do have in stock.

FYI:  We also sell some of the smaller disc (button size) batteries that fit the tealights and other smaller LED BOCs.  And we recycle all the batteries we use here at the shop when they no longer work.  Rather than throw your household batteries into the trash (not eco-friendly) bring them by the store the next time you stop in and you can add them to our box!

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