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2013 Daffodil Days

Again, for the ninth year, we are  participating with the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days.  Now thru February 20th, you can preorder a Ray O. Hope 10 inch Boyds Bear with a bunch of 10 daffodils for $25.00 or a bunch of 10 daffodils for $10.00.   You can stop by the store, call on the phone or let us know right here that you are interested in preordering.  Each year we ship out a few bears to folks in areas that cannot get them locally.  All donations go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Boyds Bear by ENESCO continues to design an exclusive bear for The American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days.  Bears and daffodils will be available in mid-March.  Take a peek at this cutie . . .


Here is more info on items that can be preordered:

  • A bunch of daffodils (10 flowers), $10
  • A half-box of 250 daffodils, $250
  • A box of 500 daffodils, $500
  • A 10-inch Ray O. Hope Boyds bear by Enesco, the ninth in a special Boyds™ Bear collection designed exclusively for the American Cancer Society Daffodil Days Bear and a bunch of daffodils, $25.
  • A stylish etched glass carafe and a bunch of daffodils, $15.
  • Potted mini daffodils: Three to four daffodil bulbs inside a foil-wrapped 4-inch pot, $12.

You can also deliver an anonymous Boyds Bear to a child in need in your community with a $25 donation to Project Care, or an anonymous bunch of daffodils to a local cancer patient with a $25 donation.

Preorders are due Feb. 20; daffodils will be available March 18-24, 2013.

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Groundhog Day is a big deal — at least here in Pennsylvania.  There must be at least 5 prognosticating groundhogs around the state that ‘determine’ if we will continue with six more weeks of winter or have an early spring!  If the six more weeks of winter will be like the last six weeks, it won’t be so bad.

February is a transition month for us — we are anxious to leave winter behind us and move on to spring. And even with the milder weather this winter, it seems many of you feel the same. As we restock our shelves, you will see a trend to bright and springy things . . . some photos of what we’ve been up to:

Last post we mentioned that February is our anniversary month.  We’ve been in business for 9 years this month and we are going to celebrate that in two weeks!  You are invited to stop by February 10 – 13 for some goodies and giveaways as our way of thanking you for supporting us all thru these years!

February is also the month we preorder for American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days featuring Shar N. Hope with a bunch of daffodils.   Here is a link to ACS ‘s Daffodil Days so you can see this year’s bear.  We will also preorder daffodils to be picked up in March @ $10.oo a bunch.  Stop by or give us a call for details and to place an order.  We can ship a bear if you don’t live nearby!

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Catching up

#1    Several posts ago, back in November, I mentioned that we were going to have a tree with ornaments that could be bought with a donation to the Hanover Area Red Cross.  This was the second year that we decorated the tree with an assortment of ornaments offered for a $1.00 donation (several of you gave more).  You came through — again!  The tree was almost emptied of its ornaments and you donated a total of $294.00 !!!  We matched that donation to deliver a total of $600.00 to the Red Cross. 

It looks like we may be making this an annual event!

#2    Back in December, the great people at DEMDACO (Willow Tree®) had sent us several of Susan Lordi’s creation The Christmas Story to give away.   Everyone who stopped by thru the holiday season had the opportunity to register for the give-away.  The week before Christmas, we picked 4 names out of all of you who signed up, and the 4 winners were excited to receive such a special prize.

For those of you who have thought about purchasing The Christmas Story or maybe have never even seen this beautiful

sculpture of the Holy Family, you will now have an additional choice.  A smaller version of the same piece will be available later this year.  You can be sure we will have it on display as soon as it arrives!  Here is a photo of the original one we have in the store along with the Gentle Stable AnimalsThe Sanctuary, Susan Lordi’s interpretation of the creche, is not pictured.

We always try to have extra pieces of Willow Tree® Nativity and The Christmas Story in stock for your purchase.  When you are looking for a special gift throughout the year, pieces from these collections are a great choice!  

 #3   We’ve gotten our Save the Date postcard — for 2011 Daffodil Days!  This will be our 6th year participating in this event which features the Bear and a Bunch with a special American Cancer Society Boyds® Bear (Liv N. Hope) and a bunch of daffodils.  Starting now, we are taking names to reserve your Bear and a Bunch for delivery in March during Daffodil Days.  We also have information on Project Care and Gift of Hope to cheer someone in cancer treatment and we will have extra bunches of daffodils available in March for you.  Reserve your Bears and Daffodils before Valentine’s Day to be sure we will have one available for you.

If you have questions about this fundraiser, please give us a call.  Or contact the York Area Cancer Society.

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