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Counting down . . .

I’ve always loved Advent Calendars and other assorted Christmas countdown calendars.  Recently a customer told me of one that had a different door to open each day to reveal a small chocolate.  Seems to me, it would take a great deal of self-control to not speed along the whole month by eating all the chocolates on the first day!

While we haven’t posted as many photos as we had planned (you’re keeping us very busy here), we have a few to put up now.  Our tall tree which was guarded by the tree hugging snowman has been fully decorated with some really cute ornaments.  Here’s where you’ll find the newest BOYDS® by ENESCO plush and resin ornaments and other assorted finds.


An up close look at this tree by the mantle has mostly BEARFOOTS®, those cute little bears and forest creatures we all love.

And our ‘official’ snowman tree has oodles of  . . .  snowmen and other glittery things!  Here’s where you will find Dottie’s snowmen ornaments — made with right here in Hanover.  But our favorites, by far are Dottie’s families of snowmen, snowwomen and snowkids.  What a unique gift for anyone — sure to put a smile on their face.

We had the singing Turkey, the singing and dancing Frosty, and we  have  the singing (wearable) Santa Hat!  We sold out last year, and brought them back this year by popular demand.  Stop by and take a look.

 And last for now, we have a special tree that all the ornaments can be ‘bought’ for a donation to Hanover Red Cross.  We’re asking for $1.00 per ornament, but many of you have been much more generous.  Your donation, plus our matching donation in total will be forwarded to the Hanover Red Cross before the end of the year.

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