***You may have heard — Deb is retiring in June and we hope to transition into new ownership. The shop will be open thru May 2020 during our regular hours.  Any changes that occur will be posted here and on our Facebook page. 

There have been a lot of changes since that was posted earlier in the spring.  The business has not sold, there is no new ownership.  We missed a full 2+ months of being here when we had to close and missing all of you who shop here.  Deb missed her retirement date at the end of May because the shop was full of inventory.  So there have been lots of changes!

We reopened the end of May, continuing our inventory reduction sale.  Deb’s retirement had been postponed till the end of July to make up for some of our lost time in the shop.  So, beginning July 7 we started our Retirement Clearance Sale of remaining inventory.  After 17 1/2 years in business, in mid-August, we cleaned out the shop and turned in our keys

We are thankful to everyone who helped make our business a success!




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