contact info update

There are some who, in checking us out online or on their mobile device instead of looking for us where we are – use the first bit of info they find and assume that it is our ‘site’.  Often they find that we close at 2 on Saturday or are open till 6 on Sunday.


I am not technologically savvy, and do not understand how all this internet, www and wifi work – but I’ve heard that companies can ‘scrape’ info from other places and put it on their site seeming to portray it as correct and complete.  I’ve also heard from others that – sadly, often it is not.  When we moved to our present location, it took a while to get our ‘bubble’ locator to show correctly on a certain mapping program.  It took even longer to get our address on that same program to change from our old Mall address!  I’ve given up long ago to make any other changes even as ‘account administrator’.

So, if you’re reading this and have the need to occasionally get in touch with us, want to know our hours, need our address or phone number – here’s what you can do:

Like and follow us here on WordPress or on Facebook so we should just be a quick tap to find.  Make sure you use “abitofcountrygiftshoppe” in your search as I’m sure there is only one of us (as opposed to just “abitofcountry” which will find us along with other shops, camp grounds, retirement homes as well as other destinations).

Keep our phone number handy – maybe even in your phone contact list.  We can tell you exactly when we are open (Closed only on Mondays and some Holidays), give you directions if you need them and even let you know if we still have something in stock that you saw here months ago.

Be careful where you are actually getting your info from.  We are a fan of social media, we use mapping programs for directions, we pay bills thru mobile apps.  But if we want specific information for a specific place – that’s where we look for up-to-date, correct and usually complete info.

So again, check here first:

600 Carlisle Street    Hanover PA  17331     (717)630-8390



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