First, an apology . . .

An apology – especially to those of you who signed on to follow this blog to hear about all the exciting things going on in our shop. We are sorry that you have not heard one word from us about anything in months.  If you live nearby, you probably know we have not disappeared off the map – we are still here providing cute, fun, quality and useful gifts and home decor to folks who sometimes come to see us from far away places like Westminster, Fairfield, Carlisle and York 🙂  The apology is sincere and while we’ll try to do better, we can’t promise that our posts will be published with any regularity.

Along with that – June snuck up quietly on the calendar this year.  All of a sudden, families were going to graduations, Memorial Day picnics and heading off to the shore — and we forgot to send out June birthday cards to some of our favorite folks!

So, if you’ve been wondering what happened to your card (if you are on our mailing list and your birthday’s in June) – the card is in the mail! They were just delayed a couple days.  And if you’re wondering ‘what’s so important about a birthday card anyway?’  It would be to let you know how much we appreciate your continued support, the 20% off any item of your choice and a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to use right here in your favorite shop!



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