The Shortest Month

February – the month with only 28 days often feels like it’s the longest month on the calendar.  Here in Pennsylvania, winter cold got started ‘early’ this year with bone chilling, freezing days.  Not that we’ve been complaining about the weather (but we have) because it’s winter in Pennsylvania.

Then we have those famous groundhog prognosticators of future weather.  They all agreed (at least the more well-known) that we would have 6 more weeks of winter.  This decree being given on February 2 — with the first day of spring about 6 1/2 weeks away.

So we watch for other important signs of the spring-to-come — daffodils and other early spring bulbs poking thru the ground, flowers budding on witch hazel and quince bushes; those precious extra minutes of daylight after 5 pm; late winter snowfalls that disappear from the ground in a day or two due to the bright, warm sunshine; and of course – robins who arrive and feast on holly berries while they wait for insects and worms to wake up.

February is our anniversary month – 15 years since we first opened in the mall with a very limited amount of stock. We were asked a few times those first couple weeks if we were closing, the space looked so empty.  And now, 15 years and one BIG move later, we are still around.  Happy to be doing what we are and keeping caught up with folks we’ve known for those 15 years. 

In appreciation, we like to throw a little party during our anniversary month to let you all know how important you — our customers and supporters have been to us. So February 22 – 25, Thursday thru Sunday we are going to celebrate and you are invited to join us. We will have cake and coffee/tea/water; some gifts with purchase (while they last); you’ll receive an added $20 on your rewards card with any (one time) purchase; and, instead of dip sampling — the CHC Dip Mixes that we all love will be specially priced just for the weekend!

As we’ve done in the past, we ask you to bring nonperishable, nutritious, kid-approved food items in sincimg0268gle serve portions that we will collect over the next several weeks to deliver to Ruth’s Harvest.  This backpack program provides weekend meals and snacks to eligible Hanover School District elementary school children.  Bring in a bag full of food and we will give you $5 off your same day purchase of $25 or more during our open house.  You are always very generous and we thank you in advance!

And lastly, our Anniversary Open House gives us an opportunity to show off our new spring treasures!  Lots of ‘galvanized tin’ that fits in with feb 2018 open house 3Country, Farmhouse and Contemporary decor; spring framed prints, florals, greens, garden flags and so much more. 

   We do hope to see you for this special event!

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