It’s spring . . .

How did we miss March?  One week we were finishing up February and now all of a sudden we are in the middle of April!  I don’t think we are the only ones who are seeing the weeks slip by so quickly.

A couple weeks ago we had temps in the low 70’s, then not too long afterward it was snowing . . . . not the typical ‘onion snow’ that helps those early spring onion sets get off to a good start.  Nope, we were shoveling 8 – 10 inches of snow (and hadn’t even got the onions planted yet)!

Right now, we are getting ready for the Spring Adams/York County’s Best Kept Secrets Tour that begins April 20.  There are lots of great things about this shopping tour – too many to name, but we’ll point out a few.  This is not just a weekend trip around to see a few shops. The self-guided tour begins April 20 and ends May 6.  So, you have lots of opportunities to visit the 24 businesses that will be ready to welcome you with smiles and open arms!

More than half of the businesses are brand new to the shopping tour!  Maybe you’ve never even heard of some of them!  All are independent, locally owned and full of interesting goodies — and some include food! We found out that folks come from far away places – like Virginia and Philadelphia – to ‘do the tour’ with their mom, sisters, neighbors, co-workers, college friends — and have a great time together visiting and shopping.

When you buy your ticket, you get a map with listings of each business and where in the world you can find them.  You’ll find out what kind of activities each stop has waiting for you. There will be coupons and prizes and give aways and opportunities to win after the tour is over.  And part of the ticket price goes to a local non-profit organization!

Look for more information here . . . and enjoy the tour.              

“Let the shopping begin”


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