Leaving January

Here in south central Pennsylvania, we’ve been very fortunate with the winter weather – so far.  Some folks might blame the milder winter on global warming.  We blame it on the brand new, shiny red snow blower that sits in the garage unused since early December when it took up residence there.

We had a touch of spring-like temps last week as the thermometer rose to 60+ degrees. Short sleeves and flip-flops made an appearance!  One day, we had bright sunny weather and it was great to see people in sun glasses!  The sunshine (remember that?) warmed up the front of the shop to more than we had the thermostat set for.

But alas, it’s January in Pennsylvania . . . and we’re back to cloudy, nippy, windy, wintry weather.  The spring tease was great when it happened, but we knew in our hearts that it would not last for long.  The daylight hours are growing longer each day, so we remember that winter will be on its way out – just probably not as soon as we want it to leave.

In February, we celebrate 14 years in business. Yeaah!  We’ve been in business 14 winters, springs, summers and falls – and like most people who live in 4-season country, we love them all.  But February, even though it’s the shortest month of the year, often seems like the longest as we trudge thru the last days of this season.

Since we finished inventory earlier in the month, some folks have stopped in and commented, ‘I didn’t think you’d still have winter things out’ . . .  like it was the middle of April.  Didn’t they notice the Valentine section with the cute hearts, bears, loving sentiments and cards? They must not have seen the early spring flags and porch mats with bluebirds and Irish clovers. They were not interested in the new spring greenery – ferns and brighter color berry garlands.  They only saw the few lonely snow people, a couple icy coated pinecone branches and green (undecorated) trees holding the places for new, springy – bunnies, florals and more to be coming soon.  And, by-the-way, it’s just January!

So, buckling under peer pressure (and our own hope of the spring to come) we did begin to clear out and clean up what was – and put out (just a bit of) what’s to come.  Just a tease for now, just like the real thing outside.  So if you stop by sometime soon, you will see the transformation from full on winter to slowly coming spring.  Just like the daffodils in the garden poking their tops thru the mulch.

Hang in there – let’s see what the groundhog has to say 🙂

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