January already

I feel like I’m always trying to catch up.  If I take some time off my regular schedule to do something different, then I have to catch up with what I didn’t get done.  When I look back over my past blogs, I see this theme coming up over and over . . . how fast time is passing by.  Maybe this is a product of being a shop owner, maybe it’s a result of poor organization, maybe it’s just a part of life.

Maybe a bit of all-of-the-above.

Being a shop owner/manager means often planning MONTHS ahead of time for bringing in new product on time for the season you want to have it for your customers to purchase when they want it.  We already have had people ask ‘. . . when will you be putting out your spring things?’  And we haven’t even had any snow yet!

I never did say I was a great organizer.  I’ve learned to compensate over the years to keep better track of things that I’ve done, things I want to do, things I don’t want to lose.  It’s what you have to do to keep life moving along smoothly.  But I still find myself spending time on looking for papers missing, remembering notes not recorded, finding orders misfiled and computer downloads mis-saved.  And somehow I’ve convinced myself that my memory is still in tip-top shape.

‘Days just go by too fast’. Time ‘flys by’. Are we busier than ever?  Does it seem like minutes are disappearing from the clock?   Do you get excited because daylight hours grow by the minutes each day this time of year?

All this to say, I just realized it has been months since I last posted here and wanted to let you know that we are still around — and despite moving our shop this year, cutting back on our regular hours and being closed on Sundays this month — you all have kept us busy!

I hope I can better keep you informed about what’s going on at our shop in Hanover.  Right now, our remaining snowmen and glittery trees will stay on the shelves while we inventory what we have in stock and start checking in the things we need to restock with – springy things folks are already looking for.  We have a # 13th anniversary coming up in February – our ‘lucky’ 13th?  Watch here and on Facebook for any special plans for that.  Winter is just getting started here in this part of Pennsylvania.  If we ever do get any wintery weather, you may want to give us a call to see if we are open before you venture in. Signing off with some of our snowmen who are happy to finally see some colder weather!

Shoppe Window


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