a BIG move

After being in the same location for many years . . . we’ve decided to move. We didn’t just decide this overnight or even over a couple months.   During the last couple years, we’ve casually looked at different places to see if our shop would ‘fit’ the space (or if the space would ‘fit’ our shop).  In the last 3 months, after a middle-of-the-night random thought, we looked into this particular space that we had not even considered previously.  Turns out, that thought might not have been so random . . . the space fits our shop, and the shop will fit into the space which is brighter, bigger and very convenient to get to.

This has been our home for the last 12+ years . . .


That ‘random’ thought brought us to this place . . .


If you live in the area, you may remember this building from years ago as a bank branch office.  Inside, there are (were) walls, doors and windows.  But without all those, this would be a great space for our displays of curtains, rugs, candles, framed prints, flags, other home decor and gift items that we carry.  There would be a much larger work space where we could do our jobs without tripping over each other and even expand our services in the future.  And there would be a large storage space where we could keep things organized and at hand.

So, after revisiting the space several times, lots of prayer and some confirmation that this would be good for us and our great customers . . . we’ve decided to move.  It’s going to be a BIG move.  First, there are all those walls, doors and windows.

CIMG3525 CIMG3526

To be a proper shop with space for display, they all have to disappear . . .

CIMG3609 CIMG3608

Which leaves stacks of doors, glass and lumber to repurpose and recycle . . . we’ve got a plan in mind.


This new space is just 4 traffic lights closer to downtown Hanover on Carlisle Street.  The plan is to work over the next couple of weeks to clean up, paint, build and make the BIG move so we can open in this new location in early August.  We’ve received lots of encouragement and support from our current customers who seem to be as excited as we are!  When we open here in August, we will be preparing for our annual Fall Open House in early September!  Along the way, we’ll post some more photos as changes happen, signs get put up, walls get painted and displays are set in place.  Thanks for hanging in there with us!


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