Ending May . . . already?

May has been another busy month for all of us. After Mothers’ Day, we start the countdown to the end of school, graduations, weddings, Memorial Day, Fathers’ Day, the start of summer and vacations.  Add birthdays and other important family events, and we end up with a full calendar of upcoming events to attend to.  Here’s a peek at some of our spring celebration gift ideas:

CIMG3579 CIMG3583 CIMG3586 CIMG3594CIMG3597

One of the places many people in our area like to visit for celebrations, outdoor activities and just plain sitting back and relaxing is Codorus State Park.  One of the highlights earlier this spring related to the park has been viewing the eagle nest across Lake Marburg from the marina and the osprey nest closer by.  Once the leaves came out on the trees, the eagle nest site is pretty well hidden behind them.  An eagle or osprey sighting is still anticipated by many visitors to this viewing area.

Many of us have had a warm, front row seat to watch our resident eagles since earlier this year with a camera located in the nest. We watched the eggs appear in February, mom protecting the eggs with her body and wings while inches of snow piled up on top of her, hatching of the tiny bobbleheads and their transformation into juvenile eaglets preparing to fly from the nest sometime in June, all under the watchful eyes of both their eagle parents.  This incredible opportunity was made possible by a large group of people and can be followed by you here:


We have found this new activity of eavesdropping on wildlife families has become quite a hobby for many families, classrooms and groups all around the world.  Do you have a wildlife cam you’ve been watching this year?

**PS  In the last week or so (earlier in June) several things have happened.  Apparently, one of the eaglets was ‘branching’ and landed on the nest cam.  In a matter of minutes, the camera changed position so that we can only view a small portion of the nest, and once in awhile some feathers or a ‘foot’.  The eaglets were expected to fledge the end of June or early July, and they have been preparing for that.

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