Mothers’ Day – don’t forget

This is such a busy time of year – with some spring holidays already passed – and the very important Mothers’ Day and Graduations coming quickly.  Lawns are getting mowed for the first time this spring and folks are trying to get gardens cleaned up for the new growing season.

Many of us are checking our shrubs and perennials to see if they even made it thru the harsh winter and taking those night time frost warnings seriously!  The weeds are sprouting up in the vegetable garden, but the few seeds planted are waiting for the ground to warm up, even in the full mid-day sun, before venturing out of the ground.  It is encouraging to see forsythia, redbuds and flowering pears and the tulips and daffodils blooming. Spring is an amazing time of year!

For those of you looking for a gift for Mom or the significant women in your life, we have a nice assortment of gifts available.   Sentimental signs, framed prints, wax warmers and wax melts in lots of great scents.  We do have something for everyone.  You can check out our facebook page to see more photos of the store!  CIMG3178CIMG3175 CIMG3179 CIMG3173CIMG3181 CIMG3174CIMG3182CIMG3183



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