Freezin’ Season

We’ve written before about how busy the month of January is in the shop.  This year we started out by delivering your donations to the Red Cross and New Hope Ministries.  Donations totaled $828 thanks to all of you who stopped by and purchased ornaments for a donation of $2.00 (or more).  A Bit of Country added to that amount so we could give $500 to each of those organizations.  What a great group of customers we have!!

January is also inventory month – and that was taken care of early on.  This year we did not move whole areas of the shop around like we did last year – but we cleaned, had clearance sales and recently packed up our winter merchandise and began restocking with new product.


Daylight lasts a bit longer each day – and even though our weather has been blustery cold – the sunshine (when we see it) is warmer.  Our store displays are in transition.  It’s still winter, so we will have some wintery things out for a while longer.  The snowman family is photobombing this Valentine display!


Our Christmas trees have been transformed into Valentine trees.


And even the bears have a Valentine message to deliver.



Stop by the shop or visit here to see all the new product showing up.  It’s warm and cozy inside, a great distraction from the snowy weather outside!

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