Braided Jute

Many of you know we sell jute braided rugs.  We have become known as a go to place for braided rugs and country curtains.


The jute braided rugs that we carry come in lots of color patterns and sizes in both oval and rectangle.  Hand stenciled rugs with assorted themes, including seasonal prints are available.  All these rugs hold up well underfoot  (we have many on our floor)  and can be cleaned up easily.  Jute fibers are natural – they come from a plant and have been used for centuries to make rope used on ships.


Many of the color patterns have stairtreds, chairpads, placemats and other tabletop items to match.  We have so many jute braided products to choose from that we could not possibly stock all the items.  We order from our companies often, and can order the colors and sizes you need if we don’t have them in store.


Our customers love these rugs and often come back to order more!

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