Recapping lighted canvas prints . . .

Last year (2012) in August, we displayed our very first shipment of the “Radiance” battery operated lighted canvas prints.  We wrote a blog about them along with some photos back on September 26.  We knew by then that we were onto something BIG, as we sold out of most of them by the time that blog was posted!  Folks bought them for themselves and for gifts — and customers came in after seeing them displayed at a friend’s house!

Since then, we have reordered and reordered the most favorite ones, and introduced newer ones.  Last month, when we got in our most recent order – we also got our first new fall and winter prints.  And they have been ‘flying off the wall’!  Here are some of them – just imagine the candles and lights flickering . . . then come on in and take a look.

CIMG2737   CIMG2738   CIMG2739   CIMG2741   CIMG2742                                            CIMG2744   CIMG2743

A hit like these is often quickly copied in the world of retailing.  But we have to tell you, of the other companies that now have lighted canvases – from what we’ve seen – we love these prints far more and have just ordered more (many new) designs.  As with most of the items in the store, we will try to  get in your requests for specific lighted prints . . . but many again will end up being sold out at the company and not available for us to order.

Here at the store, we have our favorites — but this one seems to be a favorite with almost everyone!



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2 responses to “Recapping lighted canvas prints . . .

  1. Carol sakraska

    Like to purchase

    • Carol, sorry it took so long to reply to your comment. We might be able to help you with a specific purchase if you can give us more info about what you are looking for. If you have found what you are looking for somewhere else – that’s great!

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