Thanks to all !

Black Friday is not our busiest day of this shopping season.  Small Business Saturday, while we are grateful to American Express for promoting the idea of a dedicated day to shop small businesses, is not our busiest day of this shopping season.  But over the next 4 weeks, our customers will make this our busiest month of the year.  Some of you have come into the store for the first time wondering how long we’ve been open (and how long you’ve missed out not knowing we were here).  Some of you make it here once or twice a year when you are in the area visiting  your families.  Some of you have already been by here several times this month (we’ve let you know how much we appreciate your effort to single-handedly keep us in business!).   Some of you are so familiar with our store and our products, you’ve taken it upon yourself to help other customers with advice from your experience with curtains, braided rugs and dip mixes, or where to find the silicone coated light bulbs, or which string lights work the best on what size tree or garland . . . we love you all!

We opened at 5am Black Friday and served coffee and snacks all weekend after Thanksgiving . . . and didn’t even make you wait in line for hours to pick up what you needed.  We have a candy dish at the counter (right now filled with Root Beer Barrels) to give you some shopping energy.  While we don’t sell big screen tv’s or the latest electronic gadgets or expensive jewelry — you know we have some    straight-from-the-heart gifts that make you smile and express the sentiments we all love to share in this season of giving. 

We are kicking off our annual Twelve Days of Christmas sale starting this weekend.  Each day we will have a different product or group of products on sale.  New this year we will post our sales at the start — except for December 12, which will be a once-in-a-lifetime-sale for us (just like 12/12/12!)

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