Lighted Stretched Canvas Prints – WOW

About those lighted stretched canvas prints we mentioned in our last post  .  .  .  they are not hard to describe – the unframed stretched canvas prints have battery operated flickering LED lights.  That’s it.  Simple. 

But the effect is amazing, unique, beautiful, different – just some of the comments from our customers.  The prints have become a must-have for many of you, and we sold out of them almost immediately after our first shipment in August.  In fact, the company sold out of many of them with their first shipments in August.  But now, we have them back in stock and again, they are moving very quickly!

These photos will not give the full impact of seeing them lit in our store (or in your home).  But you will have an idea of what we are talking about.  While there are many more lighted  stretched canvas prints available, we chose to stock ones that fit our store – mostly artwork from Billy Jacobs.  We have a variety of sizes and prints right now – but they are again moving very quickly.  Come, check them out and you will understand why!

Now, just imagine that each of the candles, the window lights in the church and the Statue of Liberty’s torch are all flickering.  Told you.  You’ve got to stop by to see them!

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