Groundhog Day is a big deal — at least here in Pennsylvania.  There must be at least 5 prognosticating groundhogs around the state that ‘determine’ if we will continue with six more weeks of winter or have an early spring!  If the six more weeks of winter will be like the last six weeks, it won’t be so bad.

February is a transition month for us — we are anxious to leave winter behind us and move on to spring. And even with the milder weather this winter, it seems many of you feel the same. As we restock our shelves, you will see a trend to bright and springy things . . . some photos of what we’ve been up to:

Last post we mentioned that February is our anniversary month.  We’ve been in business for 9 years this month and we are going to celebrate that in two weeks!  You are invited to stop by February 10 – 13 for some goodies and giveaways as our way of thanking you for supporting us all thru these years!

February is also the month we preorder for American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days featuring Shar N. Hope with a bunch of daffodils.   Here is a link to ACS ‘s Daffodil Days so you can see this year’s bear.  We will also preorder daffodils to be picked up in March @ $10.oo a bunch.  Stop by or give us a call for details and to place an order.  We can ship a bear if you don’t live nearby!

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