Even as we are finishing counting inventory, packing away some Christmas product, and ordering in new product for this spring . . . we are getting ready to participate in the mall’s sidewalk sales this weekend 13th-16th!  Just like a yard sale, this gives us a chance to clear away some things on our shelves to make room for totally new product.  Nothing wrong with the things we will have on our sale tables — might be a discontinued item, the last of a group of items, or some over-stock items.  Stop by and check out the goodies we will have out.

In the meantime . . . we’ve just gotten in an order of glittered prints!  If you saw them before Christmas, you probably fell in love with the glittered look of the winter-time prints!  This order will most likely be the last of the season because in another 4 – 5 weeks, we will be putting out spring merchandise.

Timer tealight candles are on their way along with lanterns and other items from Hearthside Collection.  Check back here to see other new items coming in!

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