We try to keep things up-to-date here, but really — we do a lot of ‘catching up’!  Over the last couple months we’ve been catching up with customers that we might see only a couple times a year.  Often, you are back in town over the November-December holidays and stop by to chat and ‘catch up’.  We always feel favored when long time friends come in to let us know what is going on these days . . . whether the news is good or not-so-good . . . the time shared always is good.

You’ve kept us busy this season of gift giving, and now is a time to catch up with important news we’ve not had time (or not taken time) to share.  This year was our third (maybe fourth – we can’t remember) year to decorate a tree with ornaments to be had for a $1.00 donation to our Area Red Cross.  This began as a way to ‘dispose’ of a collection of all sorts of ornaments – left overs from past years.  We place them on the tree with a note saying that any ornament on the tree is $1.00 and explain that the dollar is a donation.  Often you have bought 4 or 5 ornaments and told us to keep all of the $10 bill.  Sometimes you’ve shared that you have benefitted from help thru a Red Cross where you live . . . this makes it even more special to us that you all are so generous at this time of year!  When we took the final, lonely 7 ornaments off the tree last week and totaled the donations you have kindly given . . . we had $284.00 to give to the Hanover Red Cross.  And as has been our custom since we began this fundraiser, we matched that donation to send $568.00 to them.

As we are getting ready for inventory and packing away this years memories, we are looking over what we might be including on December 2012’s ‘dollar tree’ as it has fondly been called.   Whatever we pick, we are certain that you will be back to find the perfect ornament and support a great cause!

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