Maybe you’ve seen the TV ads promoting shopping at local small businesses on Saturday, November 26 — the day after Black Friday — the traditional start of the holiday shopping season.  This is the second year for this promotion which is backed by American Express.  While we aren’t advertising for American Express, we do accept their credit card.  And we accept their help in bringing folks back to shopping local, small businesses.

Hanover is full of different kinds of small businesses — some you may never know about because they aren’t so visible.  They are tucked into basements and garages and alleys (those little back streets that you cannot find in the ‘burbs).  I have a friend whose two story garage in an alley housed a broom factory almost 100 years ago!

Our store is in a mall — you would hardly expect to find a small locally owned business in a mall anymore.  But we have several. 

While we will have lots of special things going on over the weekend after Thanksgiving and during the Christmas season (folks like our dip and coffee sampling), we feel blessed that many of you shop at our store often and throughout the year.

So we give our thanks to all of you who have made this small business a success for almost 9 years!  Many of you have truly become friends and family for us here! 

Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you and yours!


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