Too much time has passed since we last posted on this site.  The snow and cold weather finally stopped and we’ve had more spring-like temps and rain.  We jumped from a late Easter to Mothers’ Day two weeks later.   In a gift shop, that covers alot of items in and out of the store in a short amount of time.  We don’t usually have  Easter and Mothers’ Day cards out at the same time . . .  this year we did! 

We’ve had many new items come and go in the last couple weeks.  Our lighted florals like these mini pink roses have been a big hit with everyone . . .


New Willow Tree® pieces are on our shelves ready for you to pick out a gift for Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters and others. 

 We are giving away a straw tote with accessories (umbrella, tote, watch charm and manicure set) for Mothers’ Day.  Check out the tote in our display window in the mall next to Verizon.  Sign up in the store thru Saturday, May 7.  

Our biggest project this spring was working on a commercial that is airing all this month on our local Comcast Hallmark Channel and Food Network.  If you are not able to see this on cable . . . hopefully you can view it right here!


That was alot of fun.  The morning Brad came to video the store, we were busy, and our customers enjoyed participating in our project!  Of course there is much more in our store — we just hit the highlights — 30 seconds is not much time! 

Give us some feedback on the commercial.  Have you seen it on TV?  If we decide to do it again, any suggestions? Post a  reply to share your thoughts.         

To multiply your joy, count your blessings.

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