This Friday begins Sidewalk Sales at the mall, which continue thru the weekend.   Sidewalk sales are wonderful if you are a customer — you can usually find great product at really great pricesSidewalk sales are wonderful if you are a store — it gives you a chance to clear out some great product at really great prices!!  It’s a win-win situation. 

As seasons change, we pack some things away with the intent of  bringing them out at the next appropriate season.  Sometimes that happens and sometimes the things just start to collect.  At home, when that happens, we have a yard sale!  Sometimes we even get our neighbors and friends together for a bigger community yard sale.  Lots of great stuff at really great prices !  When this happens at the mall — we have  sidewalk sales!   So if you’re in the neighborhood this weekend thru Monday, stop by and check out all the goodies.  You may find some needful things, or a great gift for an upcoming birthday or even something to tuck away for next Christmas!

When you come by, don’t stop at the tables out front without coming in to check out our regular sale cupboard, some great soy candles that have been marked down, and Park Designs discontinued product which has been sale priced.  Help us to make room on our shelves for new product already coming in!


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2 responses to “SIDEWALK SALES

  1. Muriel

    Love your store! Do you have any Park Design christmas pattern “Warm Wishes”?

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