For many years, I’ve made New Year’s Resolutions . . . . and for most years they’ve lasted anywhere from two days to two months or a little more.  While I’ve truly wanted to make those changes — I wasn’t organized enough, didn’t work hard (or smart) enough, or hadn’t been motivated enough to make those resolutions last longer.  My accountant, I’m sure, would be thrilled if I had everything she needed on her desk by the end of the first week in January.   My employees would be delighted if we could have inventory done and over with in a single day.   Our customers would love us even more if we could replace out-of-stock items immediately so when you need to purchase just one more valance, it would be here on the shelf waiting for you.  I would be pleased if I could just keep my car clean inside and out on a regular basis.

I don’t make resolutions anymore, but I still strive to be more organized, stay motivated, and work really hard (smart) .  .  .  I’m just not sure about the car thing. 

What I can be sure of  —  in this next year we will continue to listen to you and to the best of our ability, stock gift and decor items that you are looking for, offering customer service that will top what we are known for. 

Starting off this new year — during the month of January, after all the after-Christmas sale merchandise is packed away, we will have our in-stock Billy Jacobs prints on sale along with CrossRoads diffusers.  Stop by to see our selection and find the perfect print to hang in your own home, as well as picking up your favorite diffuser scent to fragrance your home after the holidays.


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2 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Harold Townsend

    Do any of your LED CANVAS PRINTS have a timer in them ??

    • Harold, Sorry it took so long to reply. We’ve had a few canvas prints with timers – and have the Mantle of Candles smaller size right now that has a timer option. The company tells us that all of the new LED prints coming in this year (2015) will have the timer option. Thanks for asking!

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