All of a sudden, it’s the end of October — how did that happen?  What a busy month we have had!  We continue to have Christmas and winter items arriving.  We are also trying to stock up on your favorite candles and scents . . . but please know as you stop in to shop, if you don’t see your favorite ‘flavor’, let us know because we may be able to add to an order we are sending off!

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve had customers ask WHEN will you have Christmas things out?   It’s never been a secret with us . . . Christmas product doesn’t go out ’till trick-or-treat is over.   Maybe some folks will go to stores who already have their decorated trees and other things displayed . . . but many of you are in agreement with us (maybe because we remember when ‘Christmas’ didn’t happen until after Thanksgiving Day)!

Speaking of trick-or-treat, stop by the mall tonight with your kiddos for our annual trick-or-treat night beginning at 6:00.  There is a line that forms near the entrance at Dick’s Sporting Goods and will travel around inside the mall to show off their costumes and gather treats from participating stores.  We really enjoy seeing everyone, especially the little scarecrows, lions, princesses, frogs and other creatively costumed individuals walking by.  Check back here tomorrow for some photos from the evening!

In the next two weeks when you come in, you will see a transformation from our beautiful fall decor to a winter look.  Lots of greens: wreaths, trees of many styles and sizes, candle rings and picks.   Many ornaments:  lots of different looks — to use on your own trees and to give as gifts, or as add-ons to gifts.  Lots of cute, cute, CUTE Blossom Bucket snowmen, santas, and more! 

All the extras, plus our regular great gifts that we offer everyday!  And, just because we are getting ready for the Christmas season doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about Thanksgiving.  Many of you will be stopping by for a wreath or something floral to give color to your Thanksgiving table — or our Keepers of the Light pumpkin jar candles in great scents — or new to us this year, orange glass pumpkin oil lamps to use inside or out. 

We do still have a great selection of gorgeous fall flags, mailbox covers and colorful floor mats suitable for outdoors.  Over the next weeks, we will post photos of product we are putting out on our shelves . . . some of which we checked in during July and August and haven’t seen since then!    How exciting!

Stop back often!

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