Food for FALL

The weekend of our Fall Open House, we prepared several mixes that we sell here in the shop.  The coffee cake / sticky bun mix was a hit, and people liked the Jalapeno Pepper Dip, and they liked the Date Nut Dip, and folks thought the Harvest Pumpkin Dip was really good.  But everyone really (really, really) liked Jill’s Chicken Chesapeake Mix Chicken Salad.  And here is the recipe, courtesy of Jill (Jill’s Jams, Mixes & More):

4 cooked chicken breasts

4 stalks of celery,  chopped

1 package Jill’s Chicken Chesapeake Dip Mix

1 cup mayo

Chop the cooked chilled chicken into small pieces, then mix in the celery, dip mix and 1 cup mayo.  Mix well and refrigerate a couple hours for flavors to blend.  At our Open House, we served this with crackers, but you could serve it on a bed of lettuce, and it makes a great chicken salad sandwich!

And, we’ve  just gotten our fall selections of Door County Coffees® . .  yum.  Coffee in these great flavors are always a big hit this time of year . . .

Pumpkin Spice — ‘Tastes like pie in a cup!  Also in decaf!

Apple Cobbler — A big favorite here

Cranberry Creme — Tart and Tangy

And many many more fall and everyday flavors in perfect pot pillow packs!  We will have these ready for tasting on the weekends during October.  Stop by!


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2 responses to “Food for FALL

  1. Greg

    Sounds Yummy to me, I like the Door County Coffee’s.

  2. Tim

    Love Jill’s (and Jill)!

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