Fall Open House Countdown #3

Fall is only a week away!  The air has a chill to it and the sky has been bright blue.  Today is a bit misty, but we can overlook that since we still need the rain.  We’ve changed around our storefront to get everyone passing by into the mood for fall (if they are not already there!).  These scarecrows and assortments of gourds, pumpkins, fall flag, mums and straw bales stand ready to greet walkers strolling through the mall or those coming into the store.

We’re finishing up with some dips to sample, coffee to taste, and a few other goodies to try out tomorrow throughout the day.  And, we’ve picked some nice products to give away over the whole weekend.  Take a look:

A beautiful cotton reversible throw from Victorian Heart

A quilted handbag in the new Shennandoah pattern, also by Victorian Heart.

Many of you, as well as all of us, really like the art of Billy Jacobs.  We happen to have a book highlighting his career with photos of some of his favorites.

Remember to bring your canned goods along for $5.00 off your purchase of $20.00 or more.  The cans will be donated to the Hanover Area Red Cross Food Bank at the end of the weekend. 

To be well thought of is better than silver or gold.  Proverbs 22:1

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