We are family . . .

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Well, not in the sense that we grew up together . . . but we’ve worked together or known each other for six or seven years or more.  In that sense, we feel like family.  We laugh — with each other, at each other and at ourselves.  We argue (not too loudly) and give advice and encouragement to each other about problems and life in general — because we care.  We cry and grieve and hug each other through life’s harder times.  And we find lots of joy working here, working together, working at what mostly doesn’t seem like work at all.  We are a good fit; we go with the flow, we listen to each other, we pick up where someone else leaves off, we share ideas and our snacks, and we never complain . . . not much anyway.  We are a great team — in progress.

Thanks for letting us share bits of our world with you.  We hope you will let us become part of your world and we thank our friends and customers who are already part of our growing family.

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  1. Ruth Partington

    I love it!!! No wonder you are so excited about this new adventure! And how neat that people can respond right here at the sight! Happy Mother’s Day, Ruth Partington

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